Thursday, August 20, 2009

A No-Tech Blackberry Experience

I don't own a Blackberry device, but what I do have in my fridge are real blackberries. Sweet and tart blackberries picked from scores of bushes lining the outskirts of a park nearby. On a cool evening after a sweltering hot day, my guy and I took our frisbee out to the park. After a good workout (really about 2o minutes worth of leaping and bounding), we noticed a lot of people hanging out in the bushes. They weren't "up to no good" - they were picking blackberries. One woman even had two large grocery bags brimming with her stash. We looked at each other and heard our calling. Luckily for us, we had our frisbee which proved the perfect vessel for our impromptu assignment. All along the path we picked, and soon we had our very own stash. Small, but substantial enough for a delicious dessert later that night - 2 dollops of vanilla ice cream topped with fresh off the bush blackberries. Yum.

Hooray for the blackberry, wild and free!

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