Monday, August 24, 2009

Herbal Magic

I am so happy to have a sunny patio on which to grow herbs. I have never really grown herbs before. Yes, there was the lavender plant that was only decorative really, though I did have sincere plans to use it in hot chocolate. And then there was the lemon balm that I had grabbed from a free bin at a yard sale, and which I made into tea once... This time is different. Everyday I dote on each container, checking for dryness and watering lovingly, pinching off tops for bushier growth, and squishing the life out of those damn aphids. In return, they have provided me with flavour, nourishment, and more than anything, inspiration. Lately, I have found myself creating dishes around my herbs. My mango and cucumber salad is one of them. Mix the two together, and add any herbs you wish. My favourite are cilantro and Thai basil. A hint of mint is also nice. Toss it all together with some Thai chili sauce and there you have it. It's the taste of summer in a bowl.

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Reid said...

Great idea Jen. I've made it twice since you introduced it to me. I used lime and mint, but your version's still the best.