Sunday, October 18, 2009

Go, Bananas!

Banana Filled Wonton Crisps

Bananas are a mighty fine fruit. "Meal in a Peel" I call them, and I do find that term truly meaningful. I don't know how many times a banana has saved me when I've had no time to eat and could have quite possibly passed out from hunger. (Have I mentioned I have a high metabolism and need to eat all the time?) This time the banana has saved me by being a key ingredient in one of the most tasty and hassle-free desserts around. Yes, there may be major exaggeration going on here, but for those times that you have guests over and want to keep it simple, and save yourself from rolling, blending, kneading, and other such baked good making gerunds, this dessert is it. And since practically everyone loves bananas, and no one can seriously deny loving deep fried, it can't help but be a guest pleaser. These crunchy on the outside, sweet and smooth on the inside morsels are best accompanied by a scoop of ice cream, and drip of honey anywhere you want it. (Yes, quite like deep fried bananas with ice cream, only you save yourself from making batter!)

How to make it happen: You will need oil, wonton wrappers, bananas. Ice cream and honey are optional. Cut up the bananas and mash them up. Place a good helping inside the wonton wrapper and press the edges down to seal. Heat the oil until very hot, drop the wontons in, and fry them until golden brown. Three basic ingredients and a whole lot of yum.

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