Friday, November 6, 2009

Meals are Mighty at Aphrodite

Brie, Blueberry and Buffalo Sausage Frittata on the top, and Turkey Pot Pie on the bottom.

The first time I heard of Aphrodite Cafe and Pie Shop was from the owner, Allan Christian, who was promoting his pies at at an organic market on the Drive. I tried a sample and was won over not only by the delectable taste of the pie, but by his use of natural ingredients and his commitment to using local and organic products. He was such a kind and interesting man to talk to as well, and so obviously passionate about his work. I vowed that I would make a trip to his cafe asap. Since my first visit there, I have been back several times and I've always left a happy and satisfied customer. Unfortunately for me, being located on 4th Avenue near Dunbar means it's a trip to get to, otherwise it'd most certainly be one of my regular haunts.

The country kitchen feel of the cafe makes for a comfy and cozy dining experience. Lunch and brunch is pretty casual. At dinnertime, the offerings are slightly more upscale, and noticeable in the plating and pricing. Lunch is not cheap either, but considering the quality of the food and the care put into each creation, the dishes are priced right. Much of the produce also travels from farm to plate the same day, and all seafood dishes carry the Ocean Wise symbol. Conscientious and tasty? These things make good in my books.

On a weekend afternoon visit (a few months ago now), it took a little while to get a seat, but it was worth the wait. (It's popular and lineups are common.) I was in the mood for something hearty and warming, so chose the Turkey Pot Pie made of local organic turkey and veggies. The filling, practically bursting out of its shell had a perfectly stewy consistency, and the crust was as a crust should be: flaky, tasty and light. It was no surprise it came from a pie shop and it hit the spot. (I did have to add salt, but I like salt.) My brunchtime pal, who had a Frittata with plump blueberries, brie and Oyama's organic buffalo sausage, was plenty pleased with his creamy rich, savoury, sweet, and mildly spiced dish. They also both came with a sizable and super fine salad that was no mere side, and you could tell how fresh it was from the colour and the flavour. It was also topped with the best dressing ever, Little Creek. (I call it Crack Dressing and always have a bottle in the fridge. It's totally tasty, great with any salad, and made in B.C.!) That they use this local, all-natural product is another indication that Aphrodite's knows good quality, good taste, and considers the good of this ol' planet of ours. Oh if it were only a little closer to home...

Brunch for two including homemade chai, coffee, tip and tax came to about $45.00.

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